Bug out bag for my car

I went through my BOB last week and took an inventory of all the items I had along with repacking the entire bag. I tore the MRE’s out of the cardboard packaging to make them smaller and stripped down and removed redundant items that where in a large First Aid kit I purchased. I also added a blowout kit. I didn’t make the bag any lighter but was able to compact everything and tighten the whole kit up so things don’t flop around while I wear it. The clothing items are placed in a med sized ziplock bag that has a air valve when attached to a household vacuum it will suck all the air out of the bag and compress the contents. I know there are many more things that I can include but for now this bag is just for getting away from a disabled vehicle and down the road until I find better shelter. I also keep one pair of GI issue Gortex boots in the trunk along with a few blankets.

All items are packed into a Voodoo assault pack that I purchased about a year ago.

Pill bottle wrapped with duct tape

Inside the bottle: lighter,scotch tape, small roll of toilet paper (MRE style).

MRE ziplock beverage bag

Inside the bag: Small package of kleenex, MRE matches, Magic towels (2)

(magic towels are small round disks of paper that when they are unwrapped they expand many times the original size)

para cord

snap hook

heavy cardboard tube (like a TP tube but smaller diameter)

small flashlight

Flashlight with a bottle opener built into the handle and a snap hook. (this is one of those promotional items that are handed out to be added to your key chain.

Vacuum sealed bag includes:


P-38 can opener

Misc first aid items

signal mirror

signal panel (orange)

bar of soap


alcohol pads

Misc MRE high sugar snacks

bungee cord


stocking hat

leather gloves

water purification tablets

wool scarf



cardboard tube



Two MRE’s

thermal underwear top and bottom

pants (1 pr)

T-shirt (1)

Socks (1 pr)

Camo gortex suit (top and bottom)

GI Sleeping system

Nylon straps

70 rds 9 mm ammo

1 canvas man purse (M249 ammo can pouch)

1 folding knife

4 rubber bands

1 canteen

1 grimlock

Blowout kit

Added items to blowout kit:

med tape


butterfly closures

2×3 gauze pads

alcohol pads

triple antibiotic cream

hydrocortisol cream

misc bandaides

3″x4.1 yds rolled gauze

cold pack

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