The Are No Absolute Rights

I don’t know how I ran across this article on The Daily Beast, aside from being a complete work of utter bullshit disguised as professional journalism there are a couple takeaways.

Just the thought of this type or types or articles is kind of disconcerting to me personally. Not so much as the article attempts to tear apart the 2nd Amendment but the Bill Of Rights. There are many people and organizations that think (?) the Constitution as a whole is outdated and in need of a rewrite. Just more Progressive psycho babble. But the very basics of PSYOP, in order to change a behavior it takes 21 cycles. If enough of the population hears it long enough and believes it you have changed a behavior  successfully.


The very last paragraph of this so called journalistic article is “For civilians, meanwhile, we’re one Supreme Court justice away from getting some sanity and balance to interpretations of the Second Amendment, and the only thing I can’t decide is whether it would be more delicious for Barack Obama to appoint that judge or for Hillary Clinton to do it.” 

This particular author believes that the Presidential election is a coronation and merely a formality for everyone to just endure and a forgone conclusion on who the next king or queen will be. What we should all find unsettling is with the overall attitude of quite a majority of liberals and how they pick and choose portions of the Constitution. Those parts that of the Constitution that suits the immediate political need are “sacred” all others are considered outdated and not progressive enough for today’s American society.

Buurning the Constitution

I just saying………………

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