New addition

A couple of weeks ago I was in a local gun shop and casually asked the owner if he had a M&P Shield. Knowing they are hard to come by and if one is found, well your gonna pay. I about fell out when he said he had 5 in the last week but they all sold, did I want to be put on the list? I would be the at the top and the first to be called when one came in. Sure why not I replied. Not a week later the gun shop called me on the way home from work, they had a 40 cal. and wanted less than $500! I made an appointment to go in and fill out the paperwork . A few days later I brought this home.


The sidearm came with 2 single stacked 6 and 7 round magazines.

DSCN0355I took this picture to show the difference between the M&P 9mm and the Shield 40 cal.

I haven’t had a chance to shoot the Shield yet but I expect the same performance as it’s big brother. Both sidearms look the same, break down the same, but feel different. The Shield is a single stack magazine and the grip is much thinner than its bigger brother. They other thing I noticed is the magazine release is not where I am used to, and it is generally just a smaller weapon. Granted I am not comparing a apples to apples and each sidearm is made to be carried differently.

So it will take some getting use to and I am anxious to shoot it. I’ll post a follow up when I do.

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