Go Bag update

I decided to go through my go bag tonight after work and change out a few things.

I know I have given all the boring details about the bag before, but its a Voodoo 3 day assault pack. On the outside I have a standard issue IFAK and a cheapo Gerber machete. The machete isn’t worth a crap cutting wise but the intimidation factor is off the scale!


The bottom butt pack portion holds extra ammo and a hydration bladder, I moved the canteen to an empty side pouch


Side pouch holding a couple flashlights, 550 cord, knife, and a leatherman.


The front compartment holds my first aid “stuff” and a few survival items like a mirror, signal panel, water proof matches, flint.DSCN0359

Added more first aid items. And yes those are plain old generic unscented tampons, eye drops, and liquid bandage.


Everything in a ziplock back. Anti diarrhea pills, band aides, triple antibiotic cream etc.


Snacks! belt, clothes in a vacuum sealed bag. Pants, shirt, t-shirts, gortex pants and coat, socks.


Shemagh, and 3 days of MRE’s


Water purification tablets, stocking cap, gloves, bungie cord, pill bottle with duct tape wrapped on the outside, lighter on the inside with tp, small cardboard tube, small bag of matches and compressed paper towel disks.


Entire roll of toilet paper in a vacuum sealed bag. My last ruck march reminded me how important of an item this is.


New addition: lanolin, cotton pads, gauze and pill bottle. Have not tried this, but I read that lanolin used as a fire starter burns longer than using petroleum jelly does. I used Bag Balm, 4 good heaping tablespoons in the pill bottle. Then stuffed the cotton pads inside to soak up some lanolin.


Soap and the lanolin bottle in ziplock bags. Oh and water, I added a few water bottles to the kit overall.


This is Cringer hiding from the firework booms going on outside. Not at all interested in me repacking my bag.


2 thoughts on “Go Bag update

  1. It seems like you have a pretty complete BOB. How much does it weigh? Seems reasonable.
    I store mine in my car and it’s filled with a lot of non-essential items. I figure I can always dump the extras if I have to abandon the car.

    • I am sure I have missed many things. That is why I periodically go through it and make changes. I took a few things out, added a few things etc.
      Weight?? I haven’t put it on a scale yet, but I would say from experience 40 lbs. dry. if I were to fill the hydration bladder along with the canteen I would be closer to 50lbs. But here is my thought, if I have to bail from the car, I’m changing into my walking clothes so that will shed some weight.

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