Hot topic and push button politics

I am a pysop’er, or I am in the Psychological Operations component of the Army.  And if I can push a button to elicit information I am going to try.

This next subject is very touchy to many people. Smart people and stupid people all have formed their own opinions on this subject. Many have educated themselves with the evidence and even more have not. Those that have not, have been pushed, or fallen into the it was only done because of race. The person occupying the White House has waded into this subject neck deep to keep the decisiveness alive and raw.


So this past weekend I engaged in a very hot button issue that has been in the news as of late. The Martin and Zimmerman court ruling. In case you have been under a rock, this was a court case involving a shooting by a Hispanic make shooting a Black male in Florida. The Hispanic male was acquitted by his peers in a legal court of law and now the death threats begin.

So as I started out saying at the beginning of this post, I engaged in some psyop’ing this weekend. I asked 3 soldiers in my company that are American’s and not of a WASP decent.


The first and most surprising conversation I had was with a young male soldier. He has always come off as thuggish and a wanna be gang banger and a general bad ass. I asked him straight up what his thoughts were. He told me he thought that the situation was blown way out of proportion by the press, and only two people that knew the whole story, and rightly or wrongly only they knew what truly happened leading up to the shooting. This soldier also said that Zimmerman’s acquittal was just. But he also said in the same breath that Zimmerman should have received some sort of punishment.  I sensed some internal turmoil as he finished his last statement.

My second and third conversations were pretty much the same as my first. A Sergent, who is a State Trooper said the same. Things got out of hand, but it was justified. The tornado swirling around now in the press is all crap. But Martin stepped into something that he shouldn’t have and got killed. His mouth got him in trouble.

The third, a liberal leaning white collar professional Sergent, (I baited this Sergent knowing his political beliefs from previous discussions) He wasn’t so cut and dry with his responses. But in the end agreed with the verdict.  This Sergent is a typical millennial, feelings, whats in for me type of guy. I don’t dislike him, but I don’t trust him either. He is just easy to bait.


Granted this wasn’t a scientific study, just casual conversation at work with a bunch of soldiers bullsh*tting around. Like I said at the beginning. the first guy really surprised me with his responses, young, 23. The second, 44, and the last is in his late 20’s early 30’s. All the soldiers I talked to are all, well non white and I really gained a new respect for my previously thought of young thug. I purposely choose to bring up this topic because I wanted to hear something else besides what the press has been spewing for months. Good or bad, I wanted to hear their opinions. Honestly.

I am a pretty straight up guy and these soldiers all know me and who I am. So if they thought something was f*cked up they would have said it. Not just tell me what I wanted to hear.

And what am I trying to say? again? the main stream media is trying to tell you something that isn’t or will ever be true.The emotions of a few are not at all relative to what the majority are thinking.

A final reality , if  this was a street stop and ask questions, I probably would have had some try to kick my ass for just being a cracker.





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