A real mans purse (whatever a real man is)

range bag



A co-worker of mine had purchased this bag early this spring and after taking a quick look at it I had to had one.

I sent a link to WF and asked if I could have this for a birthday present. Well? a few months later I received my bag. She purchased it from Midway USA on line for?? Get this! $50!! Yeah no kidding.

The picture above doesn’t really do the bag justice. Tons of pockets and zippers, and more pockets, and more compartments, and more zippers. What more could a guy want to put all his shooting gear into? Here is a link to the product and even then the webpage doesn’t really show everything. There is a short video  that highlights some of the features of the bag.

First impressions? besides all the pockets and zippers?

Well thought out, voluminous, with some neat features. A double zipper center top that pulls straight back to reveal the inside. A lift out center bag that can hold pretty much anything, including a smaller separate bag to put your spent brass in with a mesh bottom so you can knock the dirt out of the bag when you pick up debris along with those spent casings.

2 inner flat padded cases that sit along the inside of the bag for carrying  your sidearms. A large outside pocket that will hold (didn’t count) a bunch of magazines behind a sewn elastic strap. The opposite outside panel consists of 2 large zippered compartments (see pic above), each with elastic straps sewn on the inside of each compartment.  1 large end pouch, and on the opposite end, a open pouch and a smaller zippered compartment. A large shoulder strap is included an also detachable.

I am sure I missed something. But first impressions? pretty sturdy, looks rain resistant and fairly well constructed. The reviews on Midway’s website are positive. I haven’t beat this bag up yet but will keep you posted on it’s durability. But really for $50 I don’t think there is anything else out there in comparison. I could be wrong but have not seen anything in this price range.







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