Was perusing through the website Walkingtofreedom.com the other day and ran across an article called Freedom in the 50 States. What peaked my interest is WF and I are looking to run (not walk) from our current location to a more friendly state. The PDF of the report seems pretty concise in it information. I haven’t had a real chance to sit down and digest all the information but wanted to share it here in this forum.

WF and I have made 4 trips in the last year to Arkansas looking at property, the job market, livability, cost of living, the ability to just be left alone. According to the report I mentioned above Arkansas comes in around the top 20 or so overall.

What I thought was interesting is that Idaho floated around number 1 or 2 consistently throughout. I am not a big fan of the cold having grown up and currently living in a northern clime. Interestingly I ran across a comment from someone that has visited Idaho. The commenter was lamenting about the exodus of Californians to Idaho here is his quote:

I have lived my entire life in California and see the negative effects of liberalism here every day. I recently went to Sandpoint Idaho to look at property and found California expatriates has moved there and started agitating for liberal changes they felt the area needed. This is how it starts. While I was there I penned an article to the Bonner Co. Bee outlining the dangers of accommodating these people and how, once you allow them a few wins, they never quit trying to turn your town into a version of what they left behind. Sadly, the Bee never published my article. Liberal agitating always begins with small ideas that both sides can agree on, a recycling program or perhaps changes to open space etc..but they are Trojan Horses; liberals are hive-minded collectivists and cannot help themselves from attempting to complete the blue-state conversion of their dreams.

Having read this, again I thought the commenter hit the nail on the head. Locust’s or some sort of virus popped into my head.  Personally having spent a fair amount of time in California since 1978 as a kid and later stationed up and down the coast while in the military I have seen California through a prism and after witnessing the Rodney King Riots first hand I passed judgement.


I have even seen Oregon and parts of Western Washington state follow down the same road of follies like California as people have migrated north to escape. I will admit I have not resided in either California or Washington state in a number of years, but have visited frequently having family still reside in both states.

One of my favorite quotes that I do not remember where I heard it was California, the fastest growing third world country in the nation

I didn’t start this entry as a rail against the left coast or its residents, it just ended up that way. If I offended someone, well don’t read my blog anymore, and call me hateful. I don’t care. Seriously, I don’t.


For those that are still reading here is the link to the Freedom in the 50 States report.  For those that are looking or dreaming of a relocation maybe this PDF will help in your decision making process.



One thought on “Walkingtofreedom.com

  1. Saw that study from the Mercatus at Jame Madison U a few years ago. Two places I really like are Idaho and East OR, but like you I’m not liking the cold these days.
    I live on the eastern end of Rt 40. I’m going to stay near that line by going west to Mora County, NM.
    They seem to have the politics (or lack of it) that I like. Already outlawed Fracking and taking of personal property for such. Only around 5K residents in the whole county. 16% less cost of living than national average. (Well there is nothing to spend money on except just enjoying Nature on the Eastern slope of the Rockies.)
    Check it out.

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