Molle Seat Cover

I was looking for something like this the other day and after I started to price things out, I was pretty shocked. Cool piece of gear huh?


When I was reading reviews of the some of the brand names out there, the reviews were less than stellar. So I did some more searching around and found this video that started the creative juices to flow a bit.

So taking a cue from the video above, and being cheap, I got to poking around in my used gear tote and ran across an old paintball vest, an old rifle sling, and some quick release buckles. I used a BT Tactical brand pictured below.


Here is what I did. The vest did fit nicely just hanging over the back of the truck seat but if a passenger sat for any length of time the zipper, nylon, and molle itself would become uncomfortable. I cut the front panels off with a pair of scissors, and removed the elastic and Velcro cummerbund. Leaving the attached belt loops for later.


I made a toggle out of a piece of wood and para cord. This is used to hang the vest onto the head rest. Also it is pretty easy to take off if needed. And is tucked underneath the head rest, out of the way.


Here is the panel hanging off the back of the truck passenger seat.


I took the quick release buckles that I had in the junk bin, and piece of nylon strapping material that came off a M16 sling and fashioned two shorter straps. This allows for a connection to the underside of seat and back up through the belt loops that are on the vest. These straps cinch down and keep the molle panel flat against the back of the seat.


Here are a pair of paint ball tubes and its molle carrier.


The tubes are pretty water proof and can hold a ton of stuff. They can also hold water if you need to transport small amounts and you have absolutely nothing else. Paintball tubes can be had for about $5-$20 depending on the brand. Some are better than others. If you are buying them, buy a better brand than a cheap WalMart type. I have a box of these tubes laying around so why not use them? My intention is to have some basic first aid stuffs and other small survival items put into them for quick access.


One IFAK with a CAT tourniquet


IFAK and tubes attached. The IFAK snaps are not engaged allowing the bag to hang. The loops on the molle are pretty loose, this allows me to pull up and out for a fairly quick access.


I mounted the tubes upside down so they would fall out into your hand if needed. I may flip the entire pod set rightside up in the future.

As time moves forward I am sure things will be moved around, added and removed. I’ll add some 9 mm magazines holders etc or whatever else I find in my junk bin.

Total cost for this project? Zero $. Time spent on this project? about 90 mins.

Tools and materials.

Sharp Scissors

Utility knife

Para Cord/550 cord

Old molle paintball vest

Molle pouches

Old rifle sling

Quick release buckles

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