Battle Belt

A couple weeks ago I did some reading and was watching a few videos online when I saw a number of shooters wearing a battle belt. I was pretty skeptical at first and never had any experience with a belt system. And not being a solider of the 80’s thru the late 90’s I never had much interaction with the old ALICE gear. After some further research I thought I would take the plunge and order one. Funny how what is old is new again and visa versa.

I did some poking around and there are a number of different manufacturers, Condor HSGI, SOEGear, actually quite a few different companies in the market. I went with the HSGI SureGrip padded belt model mostly based on good reviews. I have not had a chance to wear it on the range yet but? it wears pretty good just trying it on. A inner belt is needed to complete the entire belt system. I just happened to have one in my “bin O gear” and had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to install the inner belt properly. Well HSGI has a video for knuckle-heads like me. After watching the short video I was golden.

The belt overall seems to be put together very well, good solid materials and the stitching looks pretty exceptional.


 The belt stretched out on the floor

DSCN0421Two GI issue M-16 magazine pouches, Two Patriot Outfitters pistol magazine pouches.

DSCN0422A Raven Kydex holster. I had to order some soft loops from Raven to attach the holster to the PALs webbing. I just want to say Raven Concealment makes some great products and I have beat the hell out of that holster of the past year and it still holds my M&P tight as the day I bought it.

Overall I am pretty happy with what I have so far. I have about $130 dollars into the entire system. Granted I had a bunch of stuff in my bin O gear and that saved a lot of money up front. If I went all new in my purchases, I think the system would be pushing $300 plus. I can see wearing this all day and not having any discomfort. If your looking for a belt system do your research and by shopping around you can save a few dollars.

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