New (different) IFAK

I have been looking for a replacement IFAK bag, in particular one that has a tear away velcro back vice the standard molle/pals straps. Enter the Condor. I have had pretty good luck with Condor products. Overall what I have purchased has held up fairly well. But I haven’t had any of the gear on a full length deployment. In the field yes, but not for long term wear and tear. I purchased the bag from Patriot Outfitters for $22.


Fresh out of the box. The IFAK pouch opens kind of like a trifold wallet

DSCN0414Left and Center sections. Left side has a smallish mesh zipper pouch. Center has two large straps with four elastic straps sewn on top.

DSCN0415Center and right side. Right side comes with three elastic straps sewn on top of two small pockets under the small velcro strap.

DSCN0416Large velcro backing.

DSCN0417Velco backing connected to the pouch with molle straps showing

DSCN0418The only bummer I have initially is that the bag is much larger than the London Bridge bag I replaced it with. And honestly I am not sure if I will keep it on my gear.

DSCN0419Interior contents

That is the one thing that sucks about mail-order is there is no touchy feely and pictures can only do so much. If this bag doesn’t work out I can always put it in the truck on the back of the seat.

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