Society Trap By Joe Rogan

Whether you love him or hate him, Joe Rogan is a pretty funny guy and does a pretty good job at commentary for the UFC in my opinion. I ran across this video of a quasi interview with him today and thought I would share with the 20 or so people that actually read this blog.

I had heard this sort of philosophy before on a pod cast by Jack Spiriko (I think) and  catching this video just kind of reaffirmed for me, the absolute validity in his words. I think, no matter who is saying it there is a lot of merit in their comments.  Joe’s version is not so in your face, and I like that coming from a comedian.

I work as a Server Engineer for my day job and have been in the IT world for many years since my departure from the Navy. I totally see the complete buy in of my co-workers in working for that next promotion/position, the extra money, the working 40-80 hours a week while on salary, the time spent looking for the new gadget, the new house, the new car, to purchase so it makes them feel valid in what they do everyday.

It is pretty crazy to see the new guys out of school coming in to the workforce and just getting sucked into the whole mess. As prepper’s I think we get it on some level that it is all just bullshit and that the back ground noise can take over if your not paying attention. I love the part that Joe explains when you come home and “sigh” is all you have at the end of the day, that is all you really have is the “sigh”

Timothy Leary coined the phrase Turn on, tune in, drop out in 1967. Although I don’t agree with the psychedelic drug use portion of his theories and I am not by any stretch a free for all liberal or progressive, I think there is merit in the overall. And as a prepper you are saying essentially the same thing by detaching from the normal cultural conventions and society.

A couple of weekends ago my friend and I were talking about money, and even though we both cash pretty decent checks every 2 weeks we never seem to have enough. Both our wives work a regular 40 each week also, we don’t have children either. Combined incomes we don’t do bad on paper. That is until we sit down and do the bills. Why is that? We bought into the trap of if we do this we can do or get that.

This is a new year and like all resolutions they are forgotten  by the 2nd. I have a goal, started months ago. Get out of debt, Get out of debt, Get out of debt. Come hell or high water.

It’s about Freedom not Consumerism.

One thought on “Society Trap By Joe Rogan

  1. Absolutely agree! I did come from the “golden age” of the 60’s. A country boy who went to art school in the City of Brotherly Love. I had adventures that I would never had had on the farm. I took risks that Leary posited. Came out the other end a more complete person, got married to a smart woman, moved back home to a place I felt secure. We both worked decent jobs. Loved the money and the stuff.

    Then at 27 I had a heart attack. Still worked hard and played harder. Knew I had to look out for my future. Knew I may experience a personal armageddon at any time.
    Learned to save instead of just spend. I am still working for my play money, but now I am prepping for the societal armageddon. Bought a nice spread in the eastern slope of the Rockies with some of the savings. Off the grid place. Very few people around, but with similar attitudes. We are all getting out of the way and learning to live kinder, gentler, simple lives sidestepping reality shows for real life,

    Find out what Financial Planning is. Save, invest at least 18% or more of your income. Find your “Blue Zone” (google it). Vacation in places that may turn into your personal Hole in the Wall hideout. Just do it!

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