50 lbs of white powder

I know what you thought. Laid in my second 50 lbs. bag of flour this afternoon. We did a Costco run this past weekend and bought quite a few preps to store up on. Flour, big 2 lbs. blocks of yeast, powdered milk, oatmeal, honey, and some dry paper goods. Our goal with the food storage items is to keep enough items on hand in the event that we are unable to find a store open or everyday items have been cleared out of a store. Or if we just can’t make it out of the house.

We have been baking a bit more hence the flour. WF and I could bunker up for a couple of weeks and not really need to go shopping and still get by. We don’t have a lot of prepared food anyway so this is just a natural extension of our daily living.  We have started a FIFO rule, (first in first out) using our food stores as we need them and replacing as we make our runs to Costco or where ever we are shopping. Along with the FIFO rule, we are also trying to do the 2 for 1 rule. If we use 1 item of our stores, we replace that item and add one more of the same. Kind of like a saving account. Take 1 out and put 2 in.


The measuring cup weighs 4 oz. and when filled to the top it comes out to 20 oz. So five cups equal a pound.My overly protective guard dog in the background. She could careless.


Each bag is sucked flat with the vacuum sealer, labeled and put into a 5 gallon Homer bucket with a seal-able lid.


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