Have had an interesting last week and a bit of a realization. No matter how hard we try to prepare ourselves physically, mentally, or spiritually there is one thing we cannot prepare for.

A tiny virus. I got hit with a stomach/intestinal virus that has really wore me out the last week. I won’t give you the gory details beyond the extreme stomach cramps,diarrhea and on one occasion I passed out at work. I have never passed out in my life from over exertion or illness.

So here I sit at home, I missed 3 days of work, and all I have been able to eat it crackers and Popsicles. Now that’s not a bad deal for a 10 year old but at my age? totally sucks.

If I was in any other place in the world or post SHFT I think the end result would have been much worse. Dehydration with in conjunction with a illness is no joke. I made it to a doctor and he put my on a medication that has helped. I am not a hypochondriac and tend to stay away from doctors in general. And with the new socialization of the medical establishment I want even less to do with them.


So where am I going with all this? You need to just mentally prepare yourself that there are times you need a doctor and a tiny microscopic virus will kick your ass and there are no antibiotics that is going to help until it does it thing and burns itself out. Oh, and make sure toilet paper is part of your preps!

Shellback Banshee Plate Carrier

I won’t belabor a long review on this piece of kit. There are a number of reviews out there that have talked about this carrier and they can write better than I.

I will say this is one item that I received a lot of use while at my SUT class. I was able to carry 6 loaded magazines, an IFAK and a hydration bladder attached to the back of the plate carrier. No shoulder  or back issues.The carrier also rides well with a full size ruck sack.

I purchased this through SKD Tactical. First off, SKD Tactical is spot on with their service, shipping was free and I had the package in two days. One other thing that I like about SKD is if its not in stock, they don’t sell it. No charging your card while you wait, and wait.


Front view. Six mag pouches and a IFAK



Back view. I attached a bladder pouch to the pals. Had no issues with this setup even wearing a ruck.




Overall great piece of. Solid build, easy to configure to my upper torso and wears well. Plenty of PAL’s webbing all around. If your looking to wear side plates there are separate pockets that can be purchased and they easily attach to the cummerbund.