Gear I didn’t use

I purchased a couple of other items for the SUT class. Like I wrote in my earlier post I took way to much stuff. I am a gear whore to the core. No pun intended.

A HSGI battle belt, wore it half a day and put it back in my vehicle. Not that there is anything wrong with the product, It wasn’t what I needed at the time.



HSGI leg rig. I planned on mounting my kydex holder to this but it never made it out of the trunk.



Large dump pouch. Again never made it out of the trunk.


Part of the reason I did bring so much gear was to test. The other reason for so much stuff? was do I or would I need any of this in a SHFT scenario. I am gonna say nope. They each have merits but in a true SHFT it is just more stuff to carry.


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