Tato Gear stove

I purchased this alcohol stove before attending my SUT course in May from Tato Gear.  I was pretty surprised at the small package that arrived in the mail. My first thought was Tato Gear sent the wrong item.

Three items came in the package. A bottle for alcohol, a small cap with a silicon tube and a black container bigger than a silver dollar coin ( remember those?).


In the black container hid the actual stove portion


According to the instructions by Tato you can fill the stove as its running by connecting the silicon tube into the side and squeeze fuel into stove.


This bad boy is tiny. You can see how small when a canteen cup is placed on top.


I didn’t use this stove during my SUT class. And as a matter of fact I have yet to use it. I did break the stove out during the course but found unless you have a sturdy flat space to set everything on it is pretty unstable with a cup full of water on top.

The materials and finish are top notch and well put together. I feel that Tato Gear has put a lot of thought into developing this product and deserves a real world test by me in the future.

I am still on the fence about this piece of gear but I do like the size and weight. When I get a bit more time to play with it I will boil some water and see how well it works.

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