Rolling your own, a large (ish) medical aid bag

How many of us carry a first aid kit  in our vehicles? When was the last time you looked at it? If you came upon a severe auto accident would your kit be able to stop a large head laceration from bleeding? How about an ace bandage for a sprain? Maybe a pet was injured on a hike? Or cutting yourself with a knife or hatchet while camping? I’m not advocating packing an ambulance worth of gear just enough of the right stuff.  I also understand you can’t prepare for every kind or medical emergency but why not some of them?

The end of August WF and I took a 7 day round about trip through Texas and Arkansas, mostly for fun, and mostly we had no agenda or anyplace to be at any particular time. Before we left I took a few moments to think about what we absolutely needed, what would be nice to have, and what I wasn’t going to carry.

In the past I have had one of the above mentioned small store bought first aid kits slid under the drivers seat of the truck. While the kit is adequate for day to day cuts, splinters, maybe even small burns, it was missing items that I felt might be needed.

I have a small jump bag that I originally used as a range bag until I out grew it, and I tossed it on a shelf. Out of sight out of mind.  I thought since we were going to be driving some place different almost everyday and tromping through the woods it might be prudent (in my best Bush 1 voice, it wouldn’t be prudent.) to not have some extra medical items available. I did not put anything fancy in the “new” kit like a sutures kit or a AED (like I could afford that) Just stuff for wound control,etc until I could get to a hospital or  medical facility in the event of something occurred that is beyond my medical  skill level.

All of the items came from our pantry and there was no need to run out and buy “stuff”. Most larger trauma type medical kits I have looked at online and even at guns shows run in the $300 to $400 range. I don’t have that kind of cash laying around. Here is what I put together.


DSCN0462 DSCN0463  DSCN0465Since the pictures where taken I have added more 4×4 bandages, trauma shears, anti-diarrhea medication, a few more rolls of gauze bandages and a roll of duct tape.

Fortunately we didn’t have to use anything in the kit on our trip but it was pretty nice to have in the back seat. Cheap insurance that didn’t cost anything up front, just some time to put together.  Its a nice compact bag that holds a lot of supplies. Glad I was able to add it to my overall preps.

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