How would you handle this situation

I ran across this video the other morning and thought, holy cow! what would I do in this situation?



At about the 12 second mark you can see a construction sign on the right side of the road. So I understand where the traffic cones came from.

A couple of things that pop into my head are, this is New Germany (New Jersey) so the chances of this driver having a firearm near-by to employ in this situation are pretty close to zero if he/she needed to protect them self. Another is, one could just blow through the cones. If dude wants to stand in the road and take his chances with a 2500 lbs vehicle then that would be his decision. He has no hazards on his vehicle, and is no where near dressed like a construction worker. His body language is telling me, that there is no injury either of him or a passenger or that there is a vehicle issue. This is purely a robbery attempt.

A driver could stop well in front of the “road block” assess the situation and make a go/no go determination. At this point you can either go forward or backward and from the looks of it there isn’t to much traffic to get in the way of backing out of this situation. Also by keeping distance in front of the road block you will be in a better position to calm down, think, get a description of the person(s), vehicle, plate number, etc. One might also have time to call the police. By keeping distance or a buffer it allows you more time to react if needed. Just my take.

Leave a comment if you disagree, agree or have other ideas.

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