Discovery Channel Watchmen Episode

<hanging my head and shaking side to side>

I picked this post up from Max Velocity’s site and after seeing the video that is attached I realized I cannot get the 42 minutes back that I spent viewing this.

There is just so many things wrong with the groups Discovery Channel profiled I lost count. Seriously I started to count then spent the rest of the show cringing and saying oh my gawd! Let me just say firstly I am not an “operator”, former SF or even pretend to be. But I know enough from the training I have had that there are so many things wrong with  the “operations” these guys do on so many levels that I began to feel embarrassed for them. More importantly I felt very badly for the guy who went by John Conner. He is a perfect example how not to teach or train a new guy. There was no crawl phase, straight into run! while I scream in your face.

I also want to say that if any Mutha F*cker ever spoke to me that way I would not only throat punch him, I would punch his mother for raising a stupid child.

Go to Max’s site and take a look at the video. See if you can spot the mistakes and stupidity. I’ll say sorry ahead of time. But on the good side you can glean some good takeaways on what not to do. Also read some of the comments at the end of Max’s article.

Tactical Training by Max Velocity | Discovery Channel Watchmen: Comment.

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