The Tueller Drill

I was checking out the AmericanMercenary blog tonight and found a set of great videos showing the Tueller Drill. If your not sure what the Tueller Drill is and for brevity I have included a link here the gives a good description. When I attended ESI a couple of years back and also during some basic SWAT training we ran the Tueller Drill numerous times. It was a really good eye opener to the fact that you just can’t depend on your side arm to protect you in a close quarters situation with the bad guy closing distance quickly. During our training at 21 feet it took less than 3 seconds to close the gap and rarely did anyone ever get a shot off before they were tackled. A few times guys could get a simulated shot off into the ground but that was about it.

Watch the videos. Good stuff

AmericanMercenary: The Tueller Drill.

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