Accidental or Negligent?

One could spend an hour dissecting the below video and everything  this guy did wrong. A couple things the author admits is he first, was using a different firearm and a holster than he normally trained with. That combination is cause for a pause.  And second he was doing a fairly advanced drill using an unfamiliar holster and firearm. End result? a .45 cal ACP through his right thigh and exiting just above his knee.

I have never been a fan of the Serpa holster. I understand why people buy them, fairly inexpensive and pretty good retention. Only thing is, when you press the the retention button to release the firearm, your finger is automatically? on the trigger as you pull the firearm from the holster. Not good.

I have seen guys in the past break out the release button because of the safety factor, or lack of during a training course. There are plenty of good solid Kydex holsters out there that offer good retention in the market for a few dollars more that do the same thing as a Serpa without the release button on top of the trigger mechanism.

One thing that made me chuckle was he said his “training kicked in” after he shot himself. Your training (and common sense) should have kicked in before you shot yourself.

A part of me feels sorry for what he did to himself, it could have turned out a lot worse. And a part of me doesn’t.

Slow down, take your time when using unfamiliar or new equipment. Training with firearms is inherently dangerous.  The purpose of a gun is to shoot a bad guy, not yourself.

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