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Bin Laden Shooter Rob O’Neill Mistakenly Attacked By Street Thugs Seeking To Collect Debt From Neighbor

BUTTE, Montana – Bin Laden Shooter Rob O'Neill Mistakenly Attacked By Street Thugs Seeking To Collect Debt From Neighbor

Robert O’Neill, the former United States Navy SEAL who shot and killed Osama Bin Laden, had his home mistakenly invaded by members of a street gang this morning shortly after 1AM. O’Neill was uninjured, the five intruders all suffered injuries and remain hospitalized, but are expected to make a full recovery. Their names were not released in anticipation of the oncoming media storm.

Butte Police Commissioner Bartholomew S. Harrington told members of the Associated Press in a brief press conference that the five men, part of a local street gang connected with the infamous Crips, were seeking to collect on a drug debt and invaded the wrong house, with the intended target just so happening to be the next door neighbor of O’Neill’s.

“Mr. O’Neill had just turned in for the night, but was awoken by a loud crash when his backdoor was abruptly kicked in. As the five thugs ran aimlessly through the home, Mr. O’Neill used silent hand-to-hand combat tactics to individually disarm them of their weapons.  Once Mr. O’Neill had taken down the five men and secured his home, he brewed a pot of coffee and called the police station. Those boys sure did find the wrong house!” commissioner Harrington said as he chuckled.

O’Neill had little to say on the matter when Butte Daily Times journalist Kevin Williamson interviewed the celebrated war hero.

“It was nothing really. Those kids didn’t have their mission planned out properly and hit the wrong target. I hated to break their wrists and dislocate each of their knees like I did, but it was necessary in order to immobilize the invasion. I hope they get the money that is owed to them once they get out of jail and decide to live better lives. My main concern is getting my back door fixed. Those boys really did a number on the door jamb,” O’Neill stated.

The neighbor who was the intended target seems to have abandoned home and has not been found by police. According to the men in custody, the debt was over a $50 bag of marijuana.

BTW, this is not a true story.


Interview & Shooting: Jim Sullivan, AR-15 Designer

A co-worker shared the below video with me the other day. A very interesting interview with Jim Sullivan who worked with Eugene Stoner and who designed the AR-15. Although Eugene Stoner is given full credit for the AR, according to Jim he had a very small role in the actual design. I don’t know the true story other than what I have read, but the team that Stoner had around him didn’t hurt with creating his legacy and a great battle rifle. No matter who designed the rifle the end result is a weapon that has endured 50 plus years of combat and a pretty solid record of reliability after the politicians were taken out of the equation.

If you don’t know what I’m referring to, the first introduction of the M-16 under Robert McNamara then the Secretary Of Defense, his staff and budget team, the Whiz Kids as they were called at the time decided to cut cost and corners by substituting stick powder vice the ball powder in the ammunition the weapon was originally designed to use. Along with the ammunition controversy and what one can only say the stupid claim that the rifle was self cleaning. It created a false sense of security that caused a lot of issues in the field. What troop wouldn’t want a self cleaning rifle? And again to save money, cleaning kits were never issued to troops. But that is a whole story unto itself.


After watching the video it sure seems as though the evolution of the AR15/M16 rifle is continuing under Jim’s tutelage. One interesting item, at least in my mind is the way his recent modifications allow the rifle to go from a closed bolt system to an open bolt and full automatic fire. He also talks about how he made the bolt heavier which keeps muzzle flip down to a minimum during a full auto burst. Jim made a statement that this rifle could eventually replace the M249. I don’t have the technical background to refute his statement, only time will tell. And my only experience with the M249 is carrying the damn thing around for a week and shooting it twice on a range. I can tell you it sucks carrying that machine gun around! And for those that have carried it for months or years? I am sure they would welcome a lighter weapon with close to or the same rate of fire.