I have gas

In the case of an AR, gas is a good thing. In me not so much, according to my wife.

A couple days after returning from Idaho I stripped down my AR to do a quick field cleaning and noticed the gas rings were, well missing parts of themselves. My first thought was, am I seeing things? my second thought was, no I’m not seeing things and ah shit.

Below is not my bolt, but it is almost an identical picture to what my gas rings looked like.



We were doing our night shoot during the SUP class and someone mentioned that midway through my iteration the flash out of the front of my rifle was 20x’s larger than it should be. I was standing there thinking, no shit I can’t even see my hand in front of my face, my night vision was shot. I didn’t even think about it at the time. I mentally wrote it off as the steel ammo I was shooting.

The funny thing was the rifle still shot all day Saturday without an issue, I shot another 200 rds. easy that day. I guess that is a testament to Stoner and Daniel Defense’s machining.

I am a big fan of Frog Lube for my rifle, not so much on the pistol. On the AR it is great, no burnt carbon to scrape. Carbon just wipes off. And that bitch called the star chamber? a few cotton swabs and done.

I found gas rings on Amazon, 12 for $4. A 5 minute easy fix. I added the spares to my cleaning kit.

Amazing to think that .99 cents of thin metal rings can make your rifle go down in a fight. I never did find any metal pieces inside the BCG or anywhere inside the upper or lower receivers.

Thought I would share.

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