CrossBreed Inside The Waist Band Holster

This is just a short reveiw of my ISW holster from CrossBreed after a couple months of wear. And a few opinions.

I read many, many reviews about multiple ISW holsters before I actually purchased anything. First let me say that carrying concealed is not comfortable, in my opinion, and maybe it isn’t suppose to be. Over the years I have worn my pants, civilian and uniforms fairly loose and low on my hips. When you add the weight of a weapon to your belt your shit falls down. It’s a gravity thing. So I have learned to pull my pants up and cinch my belt(s) down a couple of notches.

The details. First, I love my M&P’s. Not that there is anything wrong with other makes of pistols, I just dig my M&P’s. So don’t mark me as a fan boy of Smith and Wesson, I dig all kinds of weapons.

I carry a M&Pc 9mm 12 +1. The weapon itself comes in at 1.15lbs.


The holster weighs 7.7 oz


The holster and my M&P 9c come in at a combined weight of 2.69 lbs. Not heavy, but not a cell phone hanging off my belt either

I bought and wear rigid dress gun belts. By rigid I mean belts that are designed to carry a holster. Most gun belt manufacturers sew a piece stiff nylon between the layers of leather or web type material. I wear a 511 tactical leather belt and or a HSGI Cobra Riggers Belt on a daily basis.


The holster. I bought the cowhide version with the standard cut. CB also offers a horsehide version and a combat cut is also available, but I didn’t see a need to spend the extra money. After a couple of months the leather has molded nicely to my body, and the clips are solid and do not mar the leather finish on my 5.11 belt.

The CrossBreeds are pre-drilled with multiple holes for the belt clips and allows you to adjust for a higher or deeper carry, or at an angle.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the CB product. It is American made in Springfield Missouri. You can tell by the fit and finish that the folks at CB take pride in their work. It shows in the final product.

I wear concealed all the time where my states law permits, I never talk about carrying in mixed company, and I wear clothing that will cover my weapon.

I will leave you with this: 10 commandments of concealed carry.

Shooting Range

My local (indoor) shooting range has a contest of sorts that I signed up for last month.

Here is how it is broken down. The contest is 10 weeks long. Every week starting on Sunday the range picks 1 firearm, rifle or pistol at random, the distance to target varies also. You purchase and shoot only 10 rounds of the caliber of of the gun being shot that week. points are actually based on the distance between your largest spread in your grouping of shots fired. At the end of the 10 weeks the range is giving away a Glock 42, 43 or a M&P Shield in 40 or 9 mm. 2nd place is $500 of range time and 3rd is $250 of range time.

What a cool concept! First week I shot a 1911 with a very light trigger at 40 ft. So light I threw my 3rd shot and it scared the shit out of me. That put me at 10 7/8″ between my farthest shots. Having never shot a full size 1911 before, I dropped 8 of the 10 shots all in the center of the target. One shot fell just outside the center ring and then my flyer.

Week two: AR-15 @ 75 ft.

Week three: S&W 1911 frame in 9mm @ 30 ft.

Week four: S&W 45 cal revolver @ 30 ft

Week five: Ruger RACE gun in 22 cal @ 40 ft

I have been throwing that one shot every week, but so far have been keeping my farthest space inside 8 inches.

Whether I win something or not, I look at this way, what a cool way to try many different firearms without having to buy them all. I’m supporting my local range, a local business and get to learn something new every week by shooting a different weapon. Cool beans in my book. I’ll let you know where I fall out after the 10 weeks are complete.