Shooting Range

My local (indoor) shooting range has a contest of sorts that I signed up for last month.

Here is how it is broken down. The contest is 10 weeks long. Every week starting on Sunday the range picks 1 firearm, rifle or pistol at random, the distance to target varies also. You purchase and shoot only 10 rounds of the caliber of of the gun being shot that week. points are actually based on the distance between your largest spread in your grouping of shots fired. At the end of the 10 weeks the range is giving away a Glock 42, 43 or a M&P Shield in 40 or 9 mm. 2nd place is $500 of range time and 3rd is $250 of range time.

What a cool concept! First week I shot a 1911 with a very light trigger at 40 ft. So light I threw my 3rd shot and it scared the shit out of me. That put me at 10 7/8″ between my farthest shots. Having never shot a full size 1911 before, I dropped 8 of the 10 shots all in the center of the target. One shot fell just outside the center ring and then my flyer.

Week two: AR-15 @ 75 ft.

Week three: S&W 1911 frame in 9mm @ 30 ft.

Week four: S&W 45 cal revolver @ 30 ft

Week five: Ruger RACE gun in 22 cal @ 40 ft

I have been throwing that one shot every week, but so far have been keeping my farthest space inside 8 inches.

Whether I win something or not, I look at this way, what a cool way to try many different firearms without having to buy them all. I’m supporting my local range, a local business and get to learn something new every week by shooting a different weapon. Cool beans in my book. I’ll let you know where I fall out after the 10 weeks are complete.

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