Ceiling fans

As summer started approaching this year, I knew it was going to be HOT come June through September time frame. Having sat previously through a couple summers in an off grid cabin I knew how hot it can be in a “metal” building that has no electricity and little airflow can be uncomfortable.

With that knowledge I started looking for ceiling fans that are outdoor rated and are pretty low on the electricity consumption scale. I found a pair at Lowes that ran about $130 each and only consume something like 15 watts on the low setting and just shy of 100 watts on high. I wanted them on the front porch to move air around when I sit out there. So began the next project.

Pretty straight forward considering, I used the existing porch light electrical box as my source of power and feed off that circuit to make the fans go round and round. This was also my first foray into bending my own conduit. I still bought a few 90’s but the goal was to bend as much as I could by myself.





The following weekend, I had plenty of extra conduit and wire left over so I added a switch and a outlet to the circuit. Cause? why not? Actually the last pic shows why I added the switch and outlet. Lights! Yes there are LED lights on the fans themselves, however they are not for ambiance. I think I paid $26 on Amazon for these old school yellow bulb lights and fixtures. I don’t remember the consumption or wattage of the string off the top of my head. But they are not much.

I will be honest, currently I have to run a generator to power anything I want in the cabin. Not a big deal. Last weekend, I ran all the lights, a box fan, and 4 (2 inside, and 2 outside) ceiling fans for almost 5 hours and used just over a gallon of gas. Compare that to running all the above and throwing in a 18000 BTU A/C running the same amount of time and the gas consumption jumps to about a gallon an hour, sometimes more.














Seriously you say “no” to this girl.

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