Solar part 2

To complete the frame, it took a number of weekends to dig the holes and get some concrete into the ground. I used all pressure treated lumber, 4×4’s and 2x8x12’s doubling up the 2×8 where I could for extra attachment/mounting points . This was all done the summer of 19′

For the pad’s I added rebar horizontally and ridged galvanized screen I had laying around to add just a bit more integrity to the cement. Large bolts were added to the wet cement to fasten the 4×4’s to each pad and tighten down.

I am not going to lie, this is some hard, rocky ground I have had to deal with. So much so I broke the fiberglass handle of the shovel I was using, and wore flat the chisel end of a 30lb + rockbar.

Not shown are two trenches I dug, one for conduit back to the house  and the other was for a 8′ grounding rod that I installed horizontally, again due to the rocks and hard soil it was my only option.

The images are in no particular order.

My constant companion is not far around when the camera comes out for picture taking time.
After digging and placing the pole on the right I went for the pad type install.
A hole (not an ahole but a hole)
More holes
Final assembly



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