Solar part 3

To attach the panels to the ground frame, I used Uni-strut or Super-strut depending on where you purchased to give a solid attachment point for the panels. I could only find 10′ sections of Uni strut locally. To get to the 12′ number I needed I had to cut and add another 2′. Uni-strut has all kinds of “accessories” you can purchase, in my case I needed a piece to fasten the 10′ section to the 2′ section, basically it is a flat piece of steel with four holes that you run bolts through to join all together. With the panels being 60″ x 39″ there is some overhang on all four sides to get to that 12′ number. I used the Uni-strut flat square washers along with I think 2 1/2″ bolts and washers on each corner of the panels to hold them in place. Securing the Uni-strut to the wood frame I used 3″ lags screws and washers everyplace the uni-strut laid on top or the wood. Generally there is at least two lags at every junction point and in some places three. I also went back and put some plumbers tape around the uni-strut and screwed that into the wood also. My thought was if a large wind came along and a lag pulled free, the plumbers tape is there to hold in place as an extra measure. I have a tendency to over build everything. And over think.


8 panels were dropped shipped via ABF to the curb. I convinced the driver to point his pallet jack into my garage saving me a lot of extra work.
You thought I was kidding about the dog and the camera.
You can see the 10′ length of uni-strut here
The Harbor Freight panels have been relegated to the ground.
Final product
Millie inspecting the work

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