Solar part 4

The pictures below are of the combiner box for the panels. Inside are two DC breakers and a lighting suppressor. Pretty easy to wire up, after I reached out to Alte for some help.

I want to add a comment/warning here. The breakers are installed in the event you need to cut power between the panels and the charge controller that sits in the house, without those breakers and the way panels are engineered they always produce electricity as long as there is sun available. Even in shade and cloudy days the are producing some electricity. Shy of covering the panels over with a blanket(s) or card board they are generating electricity. Did I beat that horse enough? Maybe you like being shocked?

I have seen some installs that are really dangerous, no breakers, no lighting arrester and wire nuts to connect cables. Big fire hazard. DC is not the same as AC. In previous posts I mentioned cable size. I went with 8 gauge THHN and then over what the minimum (10 gauge) that was recommended. I am not on any level an expert on the NEC but I did look at voltage, amp requirements and again over built for future expansion. I do not want to roll up to the house one night and find half the building was burnt down.

Wire nuts, never use wire nuts in a high voltage DC system, you must use a mechanical  connection on any splices. This goes back to my research comment a few posts ago. There is a Wikiwand article called the war of currents that explains a bit more on why today we use AC current in the world today. Something I failed to mention, AC breakers are not to used for DC current. Spend the extra money and buy DC rated breakers from a reputable dealer not the hardware store. This applies to a 12v, 24v, or 48v systems.

You can search on your own for images of lineman getting wrecked from DC shock. As I stated previously, I am by myself and the dog is not going to call 911 for me. So safety is a main concern for my well being .

The small box will go away when I remove the Harbor Freight wiring. Again the dog!

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