Solar part 7

The following weekend after the jack exercise, I found a 9U server rack on Amazon nicely priced. I pretty much gave up on getting the HAB into the bathroom at this point, which also caused me to relocate a lot of conduit and wiring. How do you fix a 2″ hole in a tin wall? Not easily, or you don’t.

See I drilled and ran all kinds of conduit in the prep to mount that HAB and inverter into that tiny space only to change the layout again for the third time (I think this is third change, I have forgotten what change I am on by now). But back to the server rack. The rack is stout enough weight wise to hold the HAB, the weak point in this part of the plan is the wheels were only tack welded to the rack bottom. As I rolled the HAB around the wheels broke loose from the welds and now visualize me trying to keep the HAB from falling over and creating that escape hatch I talked about  previously.

Losing the wheels off the server rack, caused a loss of 4″ of height overall, which then brought another issue with the 0/1 battery cables not able to reach the HAB from the inverter. What to do? Field expediency again. You will see in follow on posts, images that I created a box to sit under the server rack and gain those few inches back. Visualize a box on a box. I had to have those few extra inches to allow the 0/1 battery cables to connect between the HAB and the inverter. Another source of consternation was the 0/1 battery cables are fairly flexible considering the diameter of each but not that flexible, so I needed to have as straight of a cable run as possible without to many twists and turns.


I am not going to lie, just positioning the HAB on the server rack, cutting access holes took a better part of a day.

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