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A majority of this content is copied over from a post I wrote a couple of months ago. I want to start a dedicated page for reading material that can be updated as I read more.

Some is directly related to prepping, some is related to fiction, and I’m sure some will be related to nonsense.

I have read them all and recommend each as having a good story line or having good information. And some not so much.

I cannot give enough kudos to the Kindle Fire and the Amazon service. You just cannot beat the price of the Fire or the price of books. On the Kindle most are not more than $9 some are only $2!. Much cheaper than a hard cover. I understand that if a EMP hits, or you are not able to recharge your e-reader all your reference material is gone. A physical book you can just pluck from the shelf and reread. Such is the risk.


The Accidental Guerrilla by David Kilcullen: A book about Insurgencies and the whys and hows of Insurgencies and small wars start. (I am a Psyop Solider so this is more of a professional read for me) David has also written a few other books on this subject and I have read Counter Insurgency which is also informative.

First Aid For Soldiers by HQ Deptartment of The Army: The is FM21-11 Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook. FM stands for Field Manual.

The Disaster Preparedness Handbook 2nd Edition, A Guide For Families by Dr. Arthur T. Bradley: A good primer on getting started to prep and good food for thought.

The Warriors Ethos by Steven Pressfield: A good book on the mindset of a warrior i.e: soldier, Marine.

America’s Covert Warriors by Shawn Engbrecht: Inside the world of Private Military Contractors (PMC). Did you know there are more PMC’s in Afghanistan and Iraq than active duty military?

High Risk Civilian Contracting by James Yeager: Short book, a good insight on the authors tour in Iraq during the “surge”. Mr. Yeager also runs Tactical Response school in Tennessee. Intensive weapons training to help prepare for a job as a PMC or just someone looking to improve their weapon handling skills.

Just 2 Seconds by Gavin De Becker: A really good book on how to prepare for sudden violence. Deals mostly with assassinations, assassination attempts, stalking and sudden violence situations. A good fact based book that is pretty eye opening.

The Gift Of Feat by Gavin De Becker: Talks allot about intuition, how to pay attention to your intuition. Very good book in my opinion. Has a number of real life examples that prove De Beckers theory. I recommend this book highly (I think I already said that)

Corps Strength by Paul J. Roarke Jr. USMC (ret): Wanna prep your body? This book WILL get you in shape.

Bug Out by Scott B. Williams: Generally takes each section of the US dissects and gives the pros and cons of each in regards to bugging out. Also talks about the type a equipment that one would need to survive, types of vehicles etc. For a new prepper, good information. Again food for thought.


Lights Out by David Crawford: A pretty good fiction write. Talks about a large EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) attack on the US and the main characters attempt to keep himself and those around him alive in a post technology world.

One Second After by William Forstchen: Same theme as Lights Out but a much darker story. Chilling in my opinion.

Holding Their Own by Joe Nobody (yes that’s his name):  Based on an economic collapse of the US. Pretty good read, still a fiction story and relevant. I will give you a bit of a spoiler, it ends with a cliff hanger. Can you say book two?

Desperate Times by Nicholas Antinozzi:  Base on a economic collapse. Finished the book and found out it is part of a trilogy. An ok book, kind of hokey at times. I’ll see if I read the other two in the series.

Into The Badlands by Brian J. Jarrett:  Really a zombie apocalypse story. There are comparisons to the book (and movie) The Road. The only comparison between the two books are the main character(s), a father and his son(s). The ending was predictable and a bit of a let down. I thought the book just ended with a lot of questions left unanswered.

World War Z by Max Brooks: This is the ultimate zombie book that kind of sets the standard. The book is written after the apocalypse, 12 years later and is more of a narrative of past events in a interview type format or stories. A good read cover to cover. From what I read online there is a movie being made currently based on this book.

Reflexive Fire by Jack Murphy: This is a book about how PMC’s have risen to be a large independent army that takes over a large portion of the middle east. Although a fiction piece it is food for thought.

The Remaining and The Remaining Aftermath by D.J. Molles: Two books (part of a trilogy, with the third still being written) Another zombie apocalypse takes over the world and a story about survivors and their attempt to navigate between the hordes of undead and wanna be war lords. I thought both books were a good read. The main character is a SOF soldier, so the author shows some knowledge of tactics and weapons. I will buy the third book when it is available.

State Of Rebellion by Gordon Ryan: Just started this book. So far it is about the state of California wanting/trying to secede from the union. Ummm honestly?  would that be a bad thing?

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  1. Perhaps you would consider adding my fiction survival book to this list which is available at Amazon entitled American Rebellion Book 1 of the Revolution.

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