A very good experiment, multiple videos

Whether you like him or hate him James Yeager does put together some pretty decent video reviews and instruction. There is some “language” so don’t watch  or de-tune your ears. I’ll do a short review here.

What I found pretty cool about the series in all is the first video , one of the middle videos and in particular the last video.

James lays out all his equipment that he is taking on his bug-out experiment trip. And he makes it pretty clear that this experiment is a get from point A to point B nothing else. He is not setting up any illusions that his group is bugging out to survive in the woods. A totally impossible, unrealistic and delusional idea. The experimental hike is set on a 10 mile loop that I am guessing is located in a national forest of some sort. The terrain looks pretty undulating overall and pretty tough.

What I found VERY interesting is all the things we pack in our bags that we think we need, James also found out that a lot of stuff he hauled with him wasn’t not only not needed but wouldn’t be used or never used. One particular example, flints and matches versus a lighter!

Another take-away, a sleep system and a plain old GI poncho or tarp. Water, he mentions at the end that he never really drank enough water.  And lastly? Are you in shape? I think James found out he really wasn’t in as great of shape as maybe he thought? I dunno but he talked about it a number of times through out the video’s.

In all? some kernels of lessons learned that can be taken away for yourself.

I sat down on the front room floor last night and dumped everything I had out of my BOB, reorganized, and repacked into a smaller back pack. I didn’t loose any equipment in my repack and am pretty pleased that what I did have was not “extra”. It still weighs 30 + lbs. without a sleep system or water. But my thought is a good portion of the clothes I have in the bag will be used immediately as I change into a more comfortable kit to walk in.  If I were to bail and walk home from work? 64 miles one way. 4 days walk minimum. But that would be in total grid down situation. Otherwise I call for backup.

Hope you can filter and learn something.

Cars – Cover or Concealment?

I subscribe to Jame Yeager’s YouTube Channel and find he puts out a lot of good information. One could say that Jame’s is opinionated in what he talks about but they are learned from real world. Having said that, don’t let him turn you off.

James has produced a real good video about vehicles and using them for cover and or concealment. Good and real world information and food for thought. He dispels Hollywood movie misconceptions that are always portrayed about vehicles and high velocity caliber ammunition.