Justice fires back — privacy, the press and guns | Fox News

I’m not a Fox News drone, but when I read this I thought it was relevant.

When the Progressive main stream media wraps themselves in the flag while tearing down the rest of the Constitution and has their own actions turn on them, they hide behind the very institution that they are trying to take away from the average Joe.  It is another example of “what I say is good for you but not for me” attitude. Why are the editors and staff of The Journal News now hiding behind armed guards at their facilities? Read the article below, the author explains it much better than I.

Justice fires back — privacy, the press and guns | Fox News.

I am a total and unabashed current events junkie. Can’t help it, but that is what helps me to be best at my job, Psychological Operations. You my friends are being psyop’d by those that hide behind the 1st Amendment and claim to be just presenting the news.


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