I ran across this on another site (sorry I didn’t link back, I don’t remember the site).   The site I am talking about is and is run by Trimble. These guys are a major supplier to the government when it comes to GPS, navigation and radios systems. Years ago we ran some crazy Trimble inertial navigation systems on our aircraft when I flew in the Navy. These things could put you with-in inches of your target.

Some of the neat things they offer are the ability to center on the map, add titles, add lat/longs, add UTM and even grids. There is an option to print 18″x 24″ or go big size 5′ x 8′. The 5′ x 8′ is intriguing if you own a piece of land or want to see what is around your bug out site. With grids added I can envision quite a few possibilities.

The site also offers lake maps with depths listed for those fishermen out there and also hunting maps of BLM and national park lands.

The Map pass subscription, for $30 a year allows a subscriber to have have unlimited access to topo, aerial photos, and map tools. The company also offers a Terran Navigator Pro version for $299 that will allow you to access and print maps from your home computer of laptop.

As soon as I narrow down a hunk of land that I am going to purchase, I will definitely get a 5′ x 8′ for the wall.

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