Zombie Gun

I caught an episode of Sons of Guns aka Red Jacket Firearms on Discovery Channel today that featured the author Max Brooks. For those that aren’t into zombies Max Brooks wrote World War Z  along with the Zombie Survival Guide. I have read World War Z and it is pretty damn good.

I kind of gave up on the Sons of Guns show awhile back, I found Will the owner and his temper tantrums grew old pretty quickly. It seemed to me that the show featured his mood swings more than showing what the company was trying to make and sell in the firearms arena. Some of the stories were kind of hokey also. If you read Wikipedia Mr. Will has has some legal problems with the ATF in the past that also help loose creditability with me. But none the less I did sit through this episode (Maybe Will is on anti depressants now) featuring Max. Max proposed that Red Jacket Firearms  do a build off on developing the best civilian zombie killing weapon.

Max’s team developed a .22 caliber bull-pup style semi automatic complete with a suppressor and a spike on the end for close in eye socket stabbing kills.

Will’s team went with a .223 AR weapon, full auto, 100 round magazines, suppressor, grenade launcher slung underneath with a standard bayonet.

Which came out on top? I dunno, you’ll have to watch the re-run. I will tell you the grenade launcher took out a large number of the zombie targets with one trigger pull during the weapon trials. Boom!

Both had merits in their design. The bull pup is small to carry, lightweight and a person could carry a lot of ammo if needed. One thing that the show did point out is the .22 caliber is the most ubiquitous made caliber in the world.  Good point, cheap also if you need to shoot a horde.

The AR was cool, had full auto and a grenade launcher. I know from my own experience .223 ammo is pretty hard to find on the commercial market right now, and 40 mm grenades are almost nonexistent in my area.  Not good when your staring at a horde coming your way.

I have a confession, I turned the channel 10 minutes before the end of the show so I didn’t see which weapon was crowned the best zombie killer. I just couldn’t take listening to Kris Ford say they had a cannon again. I had a game of Modern Warfare to play on the Xbox anyway.

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