Prepper Presents!

Santa was good to me this year, he dropped at our cabin (how did he know we where in Arkansas?) a couple small packages.

Years ago when I flew as a Naval Aircrewman we were all issued a K-Bar knife when we went through Aircrew school. It was standard issue and was carried in my survival vest for 17 years. As I moved around it was “misplaced” by myself or someone else.


Santa found another to replaced the one I lost. Very neat, even has US Army engraved on the side of the blade.

Emergency Radio. This is a pretty cool little gadget. It’s hand cranked and has a built in solar charger. The radio comes with 7 preset weather channels, and the obligatory¬† AM/FM bands. Not pictured, on one end is a built in LED flashlight. The last pic shows something that could come in very handy. There is a built in USB port for charging a cell phone. The directions do say that charging a cell phone will take a lot of of revolutions on the crank to get any juice into the the cell phone. There is also a jack for a earphone or headset. I am sure there are better models out there, but for us this fits the bill.

DSCN0328 DSCN0329 DSCN0330

Emergency oil lamps. Umm just what they are.


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