Gun Control and Psychological Operations

I have sat on the sidelines long enough, this will probably be the only time I will express my opinions about gun control, pro or con and my opinion on the so called Main Stream media.

The average and current US citizens are the most marketed to and psychologically manipulated society in the world. Complements of our 1st amendment.

What and how do I base my opinion on this subject? I work in Psychological Operations/MISO (psyop, or Military Information Support). All one has to do is search for the current USA FM 3-05.2 and FM 3-05.3o (PDF). Both of these publications outline the basic Army doctrine on how to psyop a target audience. Or if you want to really dig into the world of psyop, I suggest this website It will give you a good historical background not just on US operations but throughout man’s history.

Psyop is defined as (and drilled into my head) “To persuade and influence the target audience in accordance with US foreign policy”. The US military does not psyop US Nationals, it is against federal law. I just want to throw that out there for you to stew on and before I get any hate mail, and psyop is not propaganda.


But the parallel I am trying to draw and it is pretty naive to think that marketing firms and the main stream media have not read and thought about these publications, how to use the information contained to their own ends and means. In reality the military approached Madison Avenue marketing firms to learn from them.

On average, a TV viewer needs exposure to a commercial 32 times (or hearing a radio spot) before the viewer/listener begins to have that commercials message sink into their skull. Don’t believe me? How many of us can sing the Subway commercial, 5 dollar foot long? how about the “Help I’ve Fallen and can’t get up?” commercial. Still don’t believe me?  Why have you bought the model or make of car or truck you drive? You studied Consumer Reports before hand? What does a pink bunny bring to mind? Or Hidden Valley brings connotations of? Why do you buy Kraft Mac and Cheese vice a generic brand?

Marketers and media have figured out a long time ago that if you keep spewing the same message over and over it becomes…. the truth or reality. Why? because most American’s are lazy and never do any research on the subject they are being bombarded with. They just except what is being told them is fact. Your head tells you “I have heard it over and over it must be the truth”. My mother is a perfect example on how listening to just TV her perception of the truth is distorted. She was convinced to the core that her Social Security benefits where going to be taken away if she voted for Romney.

Ford, GM, and Chrysler would have you believe that you are buying American when you purchase their vehicles. To the uninitiated that would seem true. But when we interject, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, BMW into the conversation we hear complaints about foreign made vehicles and workers taking American jobs. Here is a doosy, you strapped in? The four aforementioned auto manufacturer’s create more American parts and assemble vehicles than the Big 3.  Here is a challenge, look it up and then tell the Honda workers in Ohio, or the Toyota workers in Texas that they are taking American jobs away from American’s. But wait we are told all the time that the Big 3 are American made, it must be true! So the Union’s would have us believe.

Here is the deal, you as a consumer and a American are being bombarded over and over everyday, all day with messages to buy something, or hate (I’ll explain the hate part later) something. From the time you wake up in the morning till the lights are off at night in your bedroom you are hit with advertising non stop. Billboards, TV, radio, bumper stickers, even the logo on the trunk of the car in front of you while sitting in traffic.

So where are we going with this diatribe of how we are marketed and psyop’d all the time?? How about guns/weapons and so called “control”?

Anytime there is a “massacre” as defined by the FBI of a killing of 4 or more people the press does a full out assault of guns and gun owners. Gun owners are continually demonized by the press. After hearing a story of this gun owner did that, or this gun owner did this the “public” begins to believe that guns are bad, and gun owners are bad. Lets not even talk about the current media darling called the NRA and the way they have been portrayed as the evil protector of the 2nd Amendment. The average American is being psyop’d over and over on how weapons, concealed carry, and any other sort of gun or owner of a gun is bad. Hence the hate statement. The latest, A New York paper published current gun owners names and addresses on a interactive website. This is all a fallacy and what “I” call cowards hiding behind the 1st Amendment. The press is the first to wrap themselves in the flag whenever the 1st Amendment is challenged. Yet with their high morals they believe they are just, above reproach and the government is the omnipotent protector. And to top it all off, the media is never required to fact check the information they spew from the talking heads mouths.

The truth is, media and governments change the subject to keep us from the true issues confronting this nation. Did you hear anything about the looming budget shortfall the entire week after the Connecticut shooting? How about immigration? rewriting the tax code? how about the flat economy or unemployment? crickets were louder than the press.

US law states that  Non US citizens or corporations cannot own a US media outlet but non US citizens can report and edit said news? How does that play into story manipulation?

Years ago we had mandatory briefs before we went overseas on deployment. We had a local reporter from the Honolulu Star Advertiser speak, he retold a story about how he and his editor were discussing how not everyone had a college degree. His editor proclaimed that all her friends had college degrees and could not imagine anyone that did not. That statement has stuck with me for over 20 years now. It drove home the point that the main stream media is so detached from the real world and reality in itself. Media and Progressives have wrapped themselves in such a tight insular, high minded, hermetically sealed bubble and allow no dissent or the influx of new ideas let alone any story that does not beat the same drum as they. Our current president was even quoted 4 years ago speaking about Ohio and Pennsylvania voters  “voters are bitter and cling to guns and god”. We as citizens have been psyop’d for the last four years and for the next four years that guns are bad and only the government has the answers.

The reason the reporter was talking to us that day in the base theater? I have know idea why he was there or what he was talking about. I’m convinced he was there to fill a time slot and offer no information of substance.

Our country will not implode because of our fascination with weapons only the media and progressive ideals will implode if they cannot change the thinking of the average joe into agreeing with their mantra.

Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, China, North Korea (these poor bastards don’t even poop without praising the Great Leader) all realized very early that if you have a disarmed citizenry along with a well coordinated pysop plan you can control the population. Throw in the the fact that if you keep the people hungry for just the basics, food most importantly, the will to fight the government will quickly disappear as the average person is more concerned about surviving then anything else let alone politics or policy. Robert Mugabe the current leader of Zimbabwe has be quoted making that exact statement. Funny until he came to power, Zimbabwe was known as the bread basket of Africa.

Now for the numbers that come straight from the media and our government. Remember when the talking heads start puking numbers about victims of firearms they fail to draw an apples to apples comparison. It only takes a quick scan of the links below to show we kill more of ourselves through auto accidents, drug overdoses, and alcohol. Yet these are except-able. We know how the governments war on drugs is going.

Alcohol Related Deaths 2010

CDC stats on pretty much everything

CDC Injury stats

Auto Accidents 2010

Stalin quotes


The press must grow day in and day out — it is our Party’s sharpest and most powerful weapon.

If the opposition disarms, all is well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.

Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.

Do we need more gun control? I say no. There are over 20,000 laws on the books in all 50 states concerning guns and gun control.

Do we need to be taxed or have permits that make it so restrictive that we cannot be allowed to own a firearm? I say no.

Is there a concerted effort to change the 2nd Amendment without due process? I say yes.

Is there an all out assault on gun owners? I say yes. An assault is an assault in any context, written, physical, or verbal.

Should there be stronger background checks on purchases of weapons? Maybe, I have nothing to hide.

Should there be restrictions on types of weapons one can purchase? I say no.

Should the government fear its citizenry? I say yes. Politicians do not fear the vote anymore, guns and militias are the only real fear left. They are trying hard to subdue those rights quickly.

Should the press take any responsibility for their actions in the aftermath of a shooting? I say yes. But that will never happen.

I hope you found some of this informative and not ranked as a conspiracy theory. I have done my research and I hope you do. I take any story that I read or hear on TV with a very jaundice eye. If it peaks my interest, I’ll search and read more from many different sources before I formulate my own opinion.

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